Professional money managers are looking to add value, after advisory fees, over an appropriate benchmark or index fund, and do so consistently.  Clients and prospective clients are looking for the same thing with their investment manager. 

Some investment firms have a "Star" Portfolio Manager.  It is the unusual "Star" who is able to produce consistent results.   CrestPoint Capital Management believes that only through a repeatable process can consistency of results be achieved.  Thus, CrestPoint Capital Management has an investment philosophy that is it's "STAR".

S  -  Structured  -   The investment process needs to be step-by-step.

T  -  Transparent  - The process should be understandable and not a "black box" secret.

A  -  Adds Value  -  The process must add value over an appropriate benchmark.

R  -  Repeatable  -  The process must be repeatable to achieve repeatable results.

Striving to provide the highest level of investment performance and service to an exclusive clientele